Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Girl Power Planner

Yes, I am talking about the Belle De Jour power planner.

Belle De Jour 2008 Power Planner

Up till now, I am still very much in love with my planner. Literally everything I need is in there!

It has a vacation planner which pretty much lays out what you have to consider:

  • the date and duration of your vacation
  • who you're going with
  • where you want to go
  • what you want to do during your vacation
  • your budget for the trip
  • where you finally decide to go
  • the weather / climate there
  • itinerary
  • transportation
  • where you are staying
  • things to bring.

    It also has a birthday list, a menstrual tracker (great idea!), expenses tracker (I am still afraid to use this), and most important tasks for each day.

    It makes your life a whole lot easier, not mention a whole lot more organized!

    For the clueless, the planner offers tips from beauty to finances and everything in between!

    Surprises every month in the form of 36 (yes THIRTY-SIX!) discounts and freebies coupons keeps me looking forward to the coming months where I can get to use them. Participating stores include all flip-flops, my most favorite store in the whole wide world :), Crustasia, Freeway, Kashieca, Celine, Flywear, Cupcakes by Sonja to name a few.

    tips and freebies

    Whenever I feel down,I always turn to the first page and read what's written there.

    by Thoreau

    Doesn't that inspire you? :)

    The girls behind Belle De Jour really knows how to take care of us by keeping us abreast of what they have in store for us every month. Check out their website to get the latest news and events.

    Chiso Havaianas are available at all flip-flops at 10% off courtesy of the discount coupon. Hmmm.....

    Photo credits: me

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