Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I spent last Sunday at Power Mac Center for the Aperture workshop conducted by the internationally multi-awarded Australian photographer Gunther Deichmann.

The session started off with GD asking us to go around Greenbelt and take shots. We came back twenty minutes later and uploaded our shots to our laptops, then GD proceeded to teach us all these neat tips and tricks using Aperture, without ever leaving the application! Neat!

I had a lot of fun, too bad I didn't get to take the photos I really wanted as they were A LOT of people milling around the mall. Can anybody say "landscape"? Hehe

The session ended with us applying what we have learned to our photos and with GD going around rating our work.

I was really happy with the result of my work, almost all of them got stars! Hehe I will post some of them here a bit later.

As if the stars weren't enough, GD sent me an email with a link to his blog, and guess what, some of my shots were featured!!!

Thank you for featuring my shots, and I hope to shoot with you soon. :)

Featured 1

Featured 2

Group Pic!

The attendees also got a free shirt, camera strap and and I Love Mac tattoo. :)

Your best shots. Made even better.

Power Mac Center camera strap

My two "bodyguards" :)

GD in action


GD and me

Photo credits: Hermes Singson and me


fran =) said...

achh sali kami sa next round ah :)

The Bartendress said...

Sure Fran! :-)

Phoebe Ann said...

*wide eyes* A GD moment! :D What's Sophie's reaction?

Sophie said...

Almost died but too tired to react. Dead with envy but looking very much NR. Something's wrong with my nerves.


The Bartendress said...

I will talk to him so that he can give us a session. :)

I told you to come with me last Sunday. :;