Monday, June 30, 2008

Larger than Life Fred

I saw something in Power Mac Center GB3 branch that made my chinky eyes go big and round.

Fred 500XL Huge Earbud Computer Speakers

A set of speakers that looked just like iPod earphones, only 500 times bigger! It is being marketed as desktop speakers but you can bring this with you on your trip. Bring it out when you need music and it instantly becomes a converstaion piece. Hook this up to your computer or MP3 player and enjoy great sounds.

Side view

A "Honey-I-blew-up-the-kid" version of the reliable earphones. Don't try and put this in your ear though. Haha

Curious how it works?

Fred in action

Best of all, it is affordable! Available at Power Mac Centers.


Now if only this comes in pink.. :d

Photo credits: me


RoMa said...

No pink?!?! BUMMER. :(

Thanks for linking me up Sheyz! Yours is there too! ;)

The Bartendress said...

Thanks dear! :)

Yup no pink... Tsktsk..