Thursday, July 3, 2008


I went to Watsons Greenbelt 1 branch earlier this morning at about 9:55am. It was a two-minute walk from GB3 to GB1 so my officemate and I waited until 10am before we decided to knock on the still-half-closed sliding door.

We asked the lady guard there if they are already open, the lady guard turned nasty and said in an irritating tone "Hindi pa pwede, hindi pa kami ready (pronounced as REEDEE)!" (We can't, we're not yet ready) and then proceeded to close the door!

I was surprised at how rude she is.

Me: What time kayo nagoopen?" (What time will you open?)

Lady Guard: Late ang cashier namin hindi pa reedee!" (Our cashier is late, we're not ready!)

I was really pissed at how rude she sounded, as if she doesn't know a thing about customer service.

In the first place, all the lights were already on inside the store, there are a LOT of staff there just laughing about whatever they are talking about.

Me: E anong oras kayo magbubukas? (So what time will you open?)

She turned to the far end of the store and shouted.

Lady Guard: Ano, pwede na ba?? (What, can we?)

At this time, I was really really irritated at how we are being treated. I was there just to buy a Php500+ worth of medicine.

Lady Guard: O sige na! (Ok *in a very reluctant tone*)

Me: Di bale na, ayos ang service nyo ah! (Never mind, you have some kind of a service!)

And she proceeded to close the door fully.

I really wanted to smack the lady guard's face, I was that pissed!

Whoever wants to shop there, think again.

From now on, I will be patronizing Watson's at SM Makati even if it's farther from my place of work.

Does anybody know where I can raise this matter to?

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