Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Starbucks to close!?

Starbucks Corp. has announced that it will be closing six hundred (SIX HUNDRED!?!?) underperforming stores in the United States.

It also announced that it will opening less than two hundred new company-operated stores in the fiscal year 2009.

Source here.

Does this mean it's closing the six hundred then opening NEW two hundred stores? I just don't see the logic.

In my opinion, even if some of the store are "underperforming", I don't think it's THAT underperforming. C'mon, are there any underperforming Starbucks branch? :D hehe

Starbucks is my favorite and I would be sad if the Starbucks nearest me closes down. Not that I am in the US. :)

What's your take on this?

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