Friday, June 27, 2008

Puss in Boots

Ankle high, mid-calf, knee high.

Platform, chunky, stilettos.

These are just some of the boot styles. I have been contemplating getting a pair of boots for the longest time.

Here are some of the drool-worthy pairs I found.

BCBGirls Karen Ankle Boots - $99.99

Michael Antonio Dollar Ankle Boots Black - $14.99

Michael Antonio Plenty Mid-Calf Boots - $39.99

Wild Diva Moda14 Mid-Calf Boots - $19.99

Go Max Havana03 Knee-High Boots - $37.99

Go Max Tina14 Knee-High Boots - $9.99

Bamboo Yamaha17 Knee-High Boots - $12.99

See how cheap the prices are???

I am getting myself some at CutesyGirl. Now I just have to choose which ones I really like. And that is a problem because I like all of them!

See if you can resist. :)

Photo credits: CutesyGirl


fran =) said...

the 1st one is cutey!!! :P

---- S ---- said...

Me I like the Go Max Havana03 Knee-High Boots! :D